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  • Every business is unique! Don't adapt your business to suit your software, adapt your software to suit your business.

  • A custom written program can save you time and money, making your business more efficient.



Software Development

Parity Software has been developing customised software since 1992 creating a wide range of applications for small, medium and large businesses. The range of software development spans from business office applications, graphics, technical applications, internet network applications and embedded coding.

By using the latest software development tools software development has become quicker and cheaper than ever before. Having custom written software is no longer the exclusive domain of large companies. Even the smallest business can now afford to have systems written to their own specifications.












motor simulation


A rocketry management system for motor development, rocket flight simulation, motor static testing and to keep track of all your rocketry information.

 download helper pro screen dump

Download Helper Professional

Create download helper programs for multiple files. Supports HTTP and FTP downloads with passwords.













 download helper pro screen dump

Download Helper

Create small download helper programs to download files from the internet.

 CRadio screen dump

Crystal Radio Design

Crystal radio analyser.