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  • Every business is unique! Don't adapt your business to suit your software, adapt your software to suit your business.

  • A custom written program can save you time and money, making your business more efficient.

About Parity Software

Parity Software was established in 1992 by David Barker, B. App. Sc. (Mathematics), Dip Eng. (Electronics). David started life as a computer programmer writing database applications on mainframes for government departments and then went on to work for a large multinational company as a computer systems engineer. He worked on the development of database applications, graphics and technical systems for a number of years and in 1992 decided to start his own software development company.

Parity Software has developed computer application software for a variety of companies both big and small, both locally for businesses in Perth and overseas. As well as customised software Parity Software has developed its own products that have been sold to customers in the US, UK, Germany and other countries.