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  • Every business is unique! Don't adapt your business to suit your software, adapt your software to suit your business.

  • A custom written program can save you time and money, making your business more efficient.

Software Development Cost Estimate

If you require a ball-park figure for the cost of a custom written application please provide as much detail about the program requirements as you can. The greater the detail the more accurate the estimate will be.

This is just an estimate! Providing accurate costing for an application requires the specifications to be written in detail. The purpose of the estimate is to give you an idea of the cost involved, and then for you to decide whether you wish to continue.

Things to consider when mailing your requirements:

  • A description of the overall purpose and processes involved in the program.
  • Screen layouts and the number of screens required.
  • The number of entry fields and their types (e.g. digits only, decimal point precision, alphanumeric, etc.).
  • The maximum and minimum number of characters for each entry field.
  • Validation of entry fields (e.g. can a number be zero, can a field be blank, does the value have to be selected from a list, etc.).
  • Special processing required to calculate fields (e.g. formulas).
  • The layout and fields required on printed reports.
  • What operating systems the program must run under.

You can go as far or as little as you like when sending your requirements. However as stated, the greater the detail the more accurate the estimate will be. If you have any accompanying documentation send it as an attachment.

This is not a contract, the estimate is free and you are under no obligation to have the software written if you choose not to.

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