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  • Every business is unique! Don't adapt your business to suit your software, adapt your software to suit your business.

  • A custom written program can save you time and money, making your business more efficient.

Software Development

Whether you require a custom written office system or a program to simply drive a device, Parity Software can help. With over twenty years of experience your software will be written in a professional and timely manor.

A methodical software development life cycle is employed. Firstly, in conjunction with the personnel involved, we determine the specifications of the program. This includes what functions the program will perform, how it performs them, screen layouts, information entry, validation required etc. The specifications are written out and presented to the customer. This ensures that both parties know exactly what the program does. This may require several loops before a final specification is accepted.

Once the specification is written and accepted, the software is coded, tested and then installed at the customer’s site for production testing. Any additions or modifications to the program are carried out and the loop continues until it is accepted into production.

This close liaison between developer and customer ensures the customer gets exactly what he wants and that the software is of the highest quality and reliability.

Parity Software has expertise in the following programming languages:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • C/C++
  • Microsoft Access
  • PHP
  • Assembler