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Download Helper

Whether you are a Webmaster distributing software or a home user needing to update files on your PC from the internet, Download Helper is what you need.

Download Helper creates small (about 200K), robust one-shot "download helper" files used to download a file from the internet. The generated “download-helper” file is a stand alone program requiring no other associated files and can be distributed on its own as needed. Simply run the “download-helper” file each time you want to download the file from the internet. It does not give up easily on problem internet connections and will resume a download from where it left off.

A download helper can be created for any file you want to download from the Internet. For Webmasters place the file on your Web Page and suggest users with slow or bad internet connections download the “download-helper” file.

* If you require to download multiple files, or need FTP support, have a look at Download Helper Professional.


Download it now and try it out for 7 days or purchase it for just for just $9.95 AUD. Australian orders add 10% GST.

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