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download helper pro screen dump

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download helper pro screen dump

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Download Helper Professional

Version: 3.1.0

Consolidate files you need to download on a regular basis into one neat little package.

Download Helper Professional provides an attractive and easy way to download and install software from the net.

Download Helper Professional creates download helper package executables. A package executable is program that is used to download one or more files from the internet. The package executable is a stand alone program requiring no other associated files and can be distributed on its own as needed.

You can create your own skins or use existing skins provided to create attractive dowload helper programs.

Both HTTP and FTP protocols are supported. It does not give up easily on problem internet connections and will resume a download from where it left off.

The main features of Download Helper Professional are:

  • Creation of customizable skins
  • Multiple file download from different addresses
  • Supports HTTP and FTP file transfers
  • Resume broken downloads
  • A package is contained in a single small executable file
  • Options to open or run files after downloading
  • Package password option
  • Concurrent or sequential downloading of files
  • Selection of default destination directory
  • Option to hide url paths
  • Display comments associated with individual files
  • Close package executable after download


Download it now and try it out for 30 days or purchase it for just $49.95 AUD. Australian orders add 10% GST. 

Purchase by Credit card or PayPal.