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crystal radio design screen dumpcrystal radio design screen dump

crystal radio design screen dump

crystal radio design screen dump

crystal radio design screen dump

Crystal Radio Design

Crystal Radio Design is used to design and analyse the performance of crystal radios. This is the accompanying software as referenced in the book “Crystal Radio Design and Construction” by David I. Barker. If is free to download, share and use.

Crystal Radio Design runs on both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows. To install, simply download the Windows installation file CRadio.msi. When downloaded, double-click to install.


crystal radio design screen dump          crystal radio design screen dump 2

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Crystal Radio Design and Construction Book

Harness the energy contained in radio waves to build AM crystal radios. Crystal radios are self-powered devices that do not require external power sources such as batteries.

This 495-page full-colour book delves deeply into the fundamentals of crystal radio design. Providing detailed instructions on how to design and construct crystal radios to perform optimally for a given antenna. With the information given in this book, you can calculate the maximum voltage across an antenna and ultimately the expected volume level of the crystal radio for a given radio station.

Although these radios are easy to build, using only a few electronic components, designing efficient crystal radios requires a fundamental understanding of the electric and magnetic fields, antennas, and basic circuit analysis - all topics covered in this book.

  • Build various crystal radios with full instructions provided.
  • Learn how to wind coils and how they transfer energy.
  • Discover how radio waves propagate through the air and arrive at your antenna.
  • Learn how antennas work and the importance and purpose of the Earth as part of your antenna system.
  • Learn how to maximise the energy delivered to your earphone and prevent losses.
  • Learn how to design and build efficient coils to reduce and eliminate interference from other stations.
  • Learn how the audio signal is recovered from the radio wave and how your ear responds to sound levels.
  • Discover naturally occurring substances that can be used to recover audio signals from radio waves.
































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crystal radio design screen dump

crystal radio design screen dump

crystal radio design screen dump